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KORINTA Alapítvány
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Odú Intervention Center

Welcome to the site of Odú Intervention Center
(Szeged, Hungary)

The Odú Early Intervention Center was founded in 2002 by the Foundation for Supporting Early Intervention and Integration in Szeged (KORINTA Foundation). The goals of the center were to organize early intervention services in the city of Szeged (Hungary) and in the surrounding area and to help the inclusion of young children (aged 3-7 years) with special needs in preschools.

The early intervention services include(s) multidisciplinary assessment of children aged 0-5 years, consultation with parents and, if it is needed, different therapies in small groups or individually. There are around 75 children attending the Center in one school year.

The parents are involved in most of the cases, as their role is really important especially in early intervention. They are part of the teamwork in a wider sense. We discuss our aims with them, and consult about the development of their children. Well-prepared and planned early intervention work can reach prevention activities, too, which may help the short and long-term plans of a family.

As there was great need to support children/young people also between the 6-23 years of age, we founded the Special Education School for children with multiple disabilities in 2008. Since then our name has been Odú Intervention Center. There are 6 children attending this school in one school year. Our professionals use individual development plans here with regard to the impaired functions of these children and their strength as well. They receive assistance in order to be as independent and active as possible.

Our interdisciplinary team includes more than 20 persons (special education teachers, physical therapists, conductors, psychologists, pediatricians etc.). All of them are highly trained experts, well-prepared and enthusiastic about their work. They use many different kinds of methods such as complex development of special needs, physical and sensomotoric development etc. There is also great emphasis on alternative therapies like adventure, hydro, music, equestrian and other animal-assisted therapies. All of our services are achieved in a playful, child-friendly environment. We are aiming at developing the person in a holistic way. In order to achieve this, there are also several extra-curricular occasions for our children such as different camps, intensive summer developmental weeks and family events.

We believe that international programs and relationships are the key to development. Because of this, our stuff is always ready to participate in such occasions. The experience our stuff acquires during such events and occasions help them in their ongoing organizational development process, and also in their investigational, developmental and training work(s). As our Center is also a methodological institution, we provide training opportunities for students specified in special education, nursery in mother and child care, physical therapy and psychology. In addition to this, we organize training sessions and workshops for practicing teachers and also for parents.