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KORINTA Alapítvány
Adószám: 18453661-1-06

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Korinta Foundation

Welcome to the site of the KORINTA Foundation
(Szeged, Hungary)

About the KORINTA Foundation
The Foundation for Supporting Early Intervention and Integration in Szeged (KORINTA Foundation in brief) was established in 1994 with the aim…
… to ensure personal and material conditions for children with special needs and disabilities and to support their families. 
… to improve the situation of disabled children and young people, their families, their assistants, the related professionals and NGOs.
The KORINTA Foundation promotes the operation of Odú Intervention Center since 2002 in Szeged and in its geographical vicinity. The experts of the Center work for the development of these children.   

Target Group
The age of persons in our primary target group spans between babyhood and young  teenagerhood, but young people with special needs and disabilities are also involved in projects of equal rights from about the 14 years of age..

Our Mission
Our aim is to achieve that these children and young people
… are provided  the chance to live without any obstacles just like their healthy peers.
… live their lives just like anybody else around them having the opportunity to play, study and work.
… receive all the help for developing their skills in their own environment.
… may exercise their rights.

Our Belief
We believe that an ideal society considers people with disabilities as equals, who are involved in its own development and who have the opportunity to live independent lives in all walks of societal lives. The degree of disability does not only depend on someone’s state of health, but also on the system of conditions in society, which increases or decreases the degree of vulnerability.

Our Aim
It is important to draw attention to the situation of children with special needs and disabilities and their families. We also wish to provide a professional platform for experts of intervention.

Main Activities
- Ensuring the development of children with special needs and disabilities in the Odú Intervention Center (in Szeged and its vicinity) in order to improve the quality of their lives
- Ensuring therapeutic services for all the children and families in need
- Maintaining and developing integrated intervention work
- Supporting professionals of intervention work by providing for them participation in training courses
- Projects of equal opportunities to increase social acceptance of people with disabilities
- Life skills counseling for persons, who need it
- Building collaboration and partnerships with municipal, public educational, higher educational institutions and NGOs
- Identifying sponsors and supporters, creating financial resources
- Employing volunteers
- International relations
- Disseminating the approach of “universal design”


Our projects

Youth in Action Programme: National Youth Initiatives 
(Healthy and disabled young people working together and preparing publications with the method of “photovoice”. The title of the project: “Exposure – You and I”)

Summer 2010
Cross-border project with Serbia 
(Raising awareness related to disability issues. The title of the project: “Chance Ship”)

Summer 2007-2010
Integrated camp with the so called “outdoor method” 
(The title of the project: “Manó Kaland Adventure Camp”)